Peppermint Mocha Macarons

Peppermint mocha macarons are chocolate espresso macarons shells filled with a dark chocolate peppermint ganache and topped with a drizzle of melted chocolate and crushed peppermint candies.

First, is there a more festive flavor for Christmas than peppermint and chocolate?! Some could argue cranberry or gingerbread but whatever, chocolate peppermint is where we’re at right now!

What’s in peppermint mocha macarons?

So these little beauties are composed of four different layers. First, the mocha macaron shell, which is made with:

  • Almond flour
  • Powdered sugar
  • Cocoa powder
  • Espresso powder
  • Egg whites
  • Granulated sugar

The chocolate ganache is made up of chocolate (or milk or dark chocolate), heavy whipping cream and a tiny bit of peppermint extract. Then there’s another layer of the mocha cookie shell, followed by a drizzle of melted chocolate and crushed candy canes! & there you have it, peppermint mocha macarons.

How to make macarons

I make my macarons the Swiss meringue method, which is basically the beginning of a Swiss meringue buttercream. Make sure to use my vanilla macaron post as a reference for step-by-step photos on how to make these macarons. The only difference is that I sub a little bit of the dry ingredients for some cocoa powder and espresso powder to make these mocha flavored.

How to make peppermint chocolate ganache

I wanted these pretty dark so I used dark chocolate chips with heavy whipping cream to make the ganache and then I added just a tiny bit of peppermint extract to it. Pro tip: don’t add mint extract, it’s not the same.

Make sure to let the ganache cooled enough until it’s pipe-able but not super runny or it will all leak off of the cookie shell.

For the topping, I just melted some chocolate and placed it into a piping bag with a tiny tip and drizzle it on the cookie shells. Make sure to stick the crushed candy canes on the chocolate before it dries.

How to store macarons

Macarons are best served at room temperature or slightly chilled, after they’ve rested for a few hours or overnight. Make sure to store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. 

You can also freeze them for up to a couple months. To freeze them, place them tightly in an airtight container and then place the container in a freezer bag, squeezing out all of the excess air. 

If you have any questions, comment down below and if you make these peppermint mocha macarons, make sure to tag me @baranbakery on instagram. Remember that practice makes perfect with these babies and they’re edible even when they’re ugly! As always, have a blessed day and happy baking!

Love, B

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