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The Ingredient Guide

The ultimate guide to over 100 baking ingredients so you can bake confidently.

What Is it?

The Ingredient Guide an ebook that’s basically an encyclopedia for baking ingredients.

Understanding your ingredients will give you freedom in the kitchen, confidence to turn each recipe into your own & knowing how to troubleshoot flops in the kitchen.

e-Book Includes:

  • Ingredient’s properties & how they behave in baking
  • How to measure them properly
  • How to store them to preserve freshness
  • How to make adjustments to substitute them for one another

Do you ever:

  • Bake something & it turned out a total flop?
  • Spend excessive amounts of time researching ingredients?
  • Find contradicting information about ingredients while researching?
  • Test recipes more than you expected to?
  • Feel too scared to try new things in the kitchen?

Imagine If you could:

  • identify exactly what went wrong
  • change ingredients and know what to expect
  • bake successful recipes on the first try
  • reduce your recipe testing time to half
  • waste less resources on trial & error
  • feel confident even when you step out of your baking comfort zone
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this is for…

  • All bakers, hobby or a business, that want to bake custom recipes without all the trial & errors.
  • Bakery owners that want to increase their menus or teach employees how to test recipes.
  • Food bloggers or food photographers that want to expand their business into recipe development.

The Ingredient Guide supplies all the information you need to develop & customize your recipes confidently.

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I’m Bernice & I love baking. For the last few years I experimented with hundreds of recipes to better understand each ingredient so you don’t have to!

When I first started baking, I wanted to try new things. Naturally, there was a lot of trial & error involved. I started doing a lot of research & soon my trials became experiments. I put together my findings into The Ingredient Guide so that I have easy access to all the information & today I’m sharing them with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ingredient Guide is a list of 100+ common baking ingredients that explains their properties & how they behave in baking.

The Ingredient Guide doesn’t provide any recipes but if you watch the training video, you can see how I use the guide to customize recipes. There are also about 200 free recipes on!

The Ingredient Guide gives you a base understanding of how ingredients work so you can bake with knowledge and confidence. It provides suggestions of how to best substitute ingredients and customize recipes.

It can be a little overwhelming so if you’re new to baking, I suggest getting started with my Free Ultimate Beginners Guide To Baking (below) & then advancing to The Ingredient Guide.

The guide does cover basic ingredients used in vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, sugar-free & paleo baking but it is more focused on traditional baking ingredients.

If The Ingredient guide hasn’t met your expectations, please reach out to us at & we’d be happy to assist you.

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The Ingredient Guide

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