I’ve recently come to love food photography almost as much as I love baking so I’ve included some of the resources that I use on a regular basis.

I do get some affiliate commission on some of these products which means if you click the link I get a small percentage of that purchase, at no extra charge to you.

I started off with a Canon Rebel T6 with the stock lens and a 50mm 1.8 lens. I learned food photography with those for the first two years but I just recently upgraded my camera bag.


Backdrop Surfaces

Best Ever Backdrops – these boards are so light weight and they have SO MANY design options. They’re double sided, come in multiple sizes and they look realistic even through a macro lens. Use the code BARANBAKERY for 15% off.

Stile & Co – these boards are super light weight as well, but they’re also flexible so they can be stored rolled up. They also have a magnetic board option to stick to stick the vinyl surfaces too so that they’re rigid and can stand up. Use the code BARAN15 for 15% off. 

Woodville – these boards are very durable and beautifully designed with a lot of texture. They also come in multiple sizes and are double sided but they’re heavy to move around (I dropped on one my toe once lol…).



Email Marketing

I used to use Mailchimp for email marketing and although it’s free up to a point, it sort of felt like rocket science to use… I made the switch to flodesk and never looked back. They have incredibly beautiful templates, they’re super easy to use and you can even get 50% your subscription using my link.


Foodtography School by Sarah from Broma Bakery. Use code BARANBAKERY for 15% off any course!

The Art of Light by Rachel from Two Loves Studio

The Sweet Guide To Food Photography by Jenna Barnard from Butternut Bakery

Pinterest Made Easy by Kylie from Midwest Foodie Blog

The Bite Shot by Joanie on Youtube

Food Photography Props