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Welcome To Baran Bakery

Hi, I’m Bernice!

If you don’t already know, my name is Bernice Baran, and I’m so glad to have you here.
I started Bakery Baran as a place to document all of my adventures and everyday life; a place to come and look back on 10 years from now and see all my photos and thoughts from this time in my life…that quickly turned into me just baking and sharing recipes with you guys, lol.

So I hope to inspire you to bake something delicious for your loved ones tonight or maybe pursue a dream and start a baking business yourself! Whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy the moments.

Thank you so much for checking out Baran Bakery and I hope you stick around and get inspired. If you have any questions or suggestions shoot me an email!

Frequently asked questions

I started a lifestyle blog in 2017 as a creative outlet after college. I was working as a nurse at the University of Michigan on a stroke unit and I had four days off a week. My lifestyle blog quickly transitioned into me sharing dessert recipes so I changed the name to Baran Bakery (Baran is my last name).

I realize Baran Bakery sounds like an actual bakery that sells desserts. I have sold a handful of custom cakes years ago but I no longer sell any dessert. I develop recipes and post them on here for you to make.

I am a self taught baker. I grew up my mom being a home-baker and I learned some things from her but most of what I’ve learned is through my good friends google and trial and error.

You’ll see a combination of European and American style desserts on Baran Bakery. My mom is Romanian Hungarian and I’ve shared some of her recipes on here and in my cookbook, Frosted.

I worked part-time on the blog for a couple years while I was still a nurse. When I had my son I stayed him with him full-time and worked on the blog full-time.

My son was easy going and a great sleeper and it’s easy to work around one kid’s schedule. After having two kids things got a little tougher. I worked at night and on weekends until my daughter was about 8 months. Now I have a babysitter twice a week all day and I still work at night, during nap times and some weekends. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

I don’t teach any food photography but I do teach some cake decorating classes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you’re interested, you can check out our workshops. Hopefully soon I’ll have some online baking/decorating classes as well.

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