Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies


Second recipe this week, on a roll huh?! 

Ok, let me start by saying, I think these carrot cake sandwich cookies deserve an award. Everyone who’s tried them says they need to be sold in stores or at least a bakery. Well I’m here to give you the recipe so they don’t have to be sold anywhere & you can make them in the comfort of your home! 

A few weeks ago I started making this recipe & the cookies turned out a little ‘cakey’ more like whoopie pies. They were delicious BUT I really wanted them to be more chewy, like an oatmeal cookie so I gave it a couple more tries & omg they’re perfect! 

So in chocolate chip cookies, if you use melted butter, you’re cookies will be more chewy, so I did that here. I also added wheat flour & regular flour because I LOVE the texture it gave me in the chocolate chip cookies (which is also going up this week – stay tuned). I added walnuts to give it a little bit of a nutty flavor but if you don’t want the nuts, substitute it for a 1:1 ratio of flour & try using  brown butter if you’re not too lazy, lol (I would make EVERYTHING with brown butter but I don’t want you guys to get sick of me). 

Anyways, ya’ll really need to try these & please please please tag me @baranbakery or use the hashtag #bakewithb so I can see them! 

Have a most wonderful day my friends & go bless someone with these cookies <3 as always,

Love, B

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