Apple Butter Cinnamon Rolls with Brown Butter Frosting

The best brioche cinnamon rolls with an apple butter filling, cinnamon sugar and the best brown butter frosting!

OMG I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS RECIPE WITH YOU GUYS!!! Ok I’m done yelling at you but seriously, what’s better than cinnamon rolls? Not very many things in this life but I’ve outdone them with apple butter cinnamon rolls topped with brown-butter cream cheese icing. 

Yeah that’s right, I’ll say it again really slow, apppppppllle butttttterrrrr cinnnnnnamonnnn rooollllss with browwwnnnn buttttterrrrrr creeaammmm chhheeeesssee iccccinnnggggg. You’re welcome.

What are apple butter cinnamon rolls?

Think soft brioche dough like in regular ol’ cinnamon rolls. Spread a little butter on the dough, then a layer of delicious apple butter and a little extra cinnamon sugar for good measure. 

To take these cinnamon rolls the extra mile, I used brown butter for my frosting and it truly is to die for. There’s just something about brown butter that gets me every time!

How to make apple butter cinnamon rolls

Unfortunately the apple butter is a little softer than regular butter and sugar so you’ll have to be careful with rolling. It can get a little messy too.

I like to freeze the dough once it’s rolled up with the filling & before slicing. This is not a step you should skip. The apple butter does not stick to the dough like butter & sugar do in regular cinnamon rolls so when you go to slice it, the filling will all squish out. Freezing at this step will prevent some of the squishing out. 

How to make homemade apple butter

Apple butter is super simple to make at home, however it generally takes a long time. I have a recipe on instant pot apple butter that’s made exactly the same but much quicker. 

Can I use store bought apple butter?

You can use store bought apple butter or you can make my instant pot apple butter recipe. Just keep in mind the consistency has to be a thick apple butter or cook the one at home until it’s thick enough. By that, I mean thicker than applesauce; you want it more spreadable, not drippy.

How to store apple butter cinnamon rolls

I highly recommend serving cinnamon rolls fresh but if you anticipate leftovers, I would also recommend not frosting all of them. 

Store unfrosted cinnamon rolls in an airtight container at room temperature for 2-3 days. Microwave them or rebake them for a few minutes to warm them up and then frost them. 

Store frosted cinnamon rolls in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Microwave them or rebake them for a few minutes to warm them up. Keep in mind the frosting will melt with the rolls when they’re heated. 

Ok, I need to leave before I start drooling over here. Cinnamon rolls are my weakness & these ones, along with the caramelized white chocolate ones, are my favs! 

I know there’s a lot of steps to these but it’s SO WORTH IT! Make sure to tag me @baranbakery on instagram if you make them so we can all share in the fun! As always, have a blessed day my friends,

Love, B

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