Strawberry Nutella Cream Puffs

Strawberry nutella cream puffs are cute little cream puffs filled with nutella pastry cream, stuffed with a strawberry slice and frosted with a toasted vanilla meringue.

Hi frienddddsssss! It’s been a while. Three weeks to be exact. & I’m not sorry, lol. I needed a little break from baking, shooting & writing.

So what have I been doing you ask?! Well, I’ve spent some time with the family which we should always make time for anyway. & I also have been reading and learning a lot. I mentioned in some of my stories that I felt glued to the couch after working so much in December so I made that time useful. I’m currently studying the science of baking…in like everything. From lean dough to enriched dough to pastry dough, laminated & non-laminated dough. all of it. Different butter creams, different sponges, I’m learning it all!

How to make strawberry nutella cream puffs

Cream puffs

Cream puffs. Oh, cream puffs. I’m not going to lie, these aren’t the easiest of treats to make. I would say they’re easier than macarons so you have that going for ya but they are finicky as well. I’m certainly not trying to scare you off, just wanting to let you know what to expect! 

I also make a craquelin for the top of my choux. It’s basically a thin piece of (cookie light) dough that sits on top of the choux while baking and creates a nice crispy top. 10/10 recommend crispy > not crispy, lol. 


  • Water – water is essential to create the steam that gets release to make the choux rise in the oven. 
  • Butter – I use unsalted butter but if you only have salted, use that and omit the salt from the recipe. It doesn’t matter if your butter is cold or soft because it gets melted anyway. 
  • Flour – I use all-purpose flour and I don’t recommend a substitutions at this point. 
  • Salt – salt just brings out flavors and balances sweetness
  • Eggs – what makes choux a little difficult is that the recipes can never specify the number of eggs to use. The number of eggs you’ll need depends on how the dough looks at a certain point which is related to temperature/humidity in the air, size of eggs, etc. Essentially you want your dough to be stiff enough to pipe but soft enough to form a ‘V’ shape hanging off the paddle attachment or spoon. 

Nutella pastry cream

Pastry cream, or creme patissiere, is basically a custard. The eggs and sugar get whisked into warm milk and then cooked until they thicken together into a glorious pudding. Add nutella to the mix and we’re in heaven! 

Toasted meringue

Meringue is one of my favorite ways to elevate a recipe. It’s really just egg whites and sugar cooked until the sugar is dissolved (and the eggs are safe to eat) and then whipped into a gorgeous cloud of fluff. 

I use a culinary torch to toast it but for something as small as cream puffs, you can also try a lighter.

How to store the cream puffs

I recommend storing the cream puffs refrigerated. Make sure to keep them in an airtight container to stay fresh. The cream puffs should be good for up to a week, depending on how fresh the strawberries were. 

I don’t recommend freezing the finished cream puffs but you could freeze empty choux pastry. After they’ve baked and cooled, place them in a freezer bag, making sure to squeeze out all the excess air. Thaw them at room temperature overnight and fill with desired filling.

Thanks so much for reading today’s post, if you have any questions just comment down below, i’m happy to answer! If you’re a fellow nutella lover, make sure to check out my nutella swirl cake! If you make this chocolate chip almond cake I would love to see the results, please make sure to tag me @baranbakery on instagram and. As always, have a blessed day and happy baking!

Love, B

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