Peanut Butter S’mores Cupcakes

Peanut butter s’mores cupcakes with a perfect graham cracker crust, peanut butter cupcake, milk chocolate filling and homemade toasted marshmallow fluff!

Ok friends. It’s s’mores season, actually it’s always s’mores season for me, but it’s OFFICIALLY s’mores season. & what makes s’mores better than the original graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate & toasted marshmallow?! I’ll tell you my friend, it’ a Reeses cup. The ultimate s’mores is made with a Reeses cup & so I have for you a peanut butter s’mores cupcakes recipe. Now I know some may disagree with me, that the original is better & normally I would agree because I’m an ‘original’ kind of person, I don’t like all the extra toppings on most things. BUTTTTT, it really doesn’t get much better than graham crackers, chocolate, peanut butter & toasted marshmallow ya’ll.

Also we need to talk about one more thing before we get to this recipe here. Someone please tell me why majority of the “s’mores” recipes out there like “s”mores cake” or “s’mores cupcakes” or “s’mores donuts”, etc. highlight the chocolate as the ‘hero’ of the dessert?! Don’t misinterpret this, I LOVE chocolate, but chocolate is NOT the hero of a s’more. If anything, it’s the toasted marshmallow but personally I think it’s the balance of the three flavors. Do you really want the chocolate just over powering everything else? I don’t think so. Like everyone overlooks the graham cracker but omg it’s like my fav part!! Ok rant over.

What Are Peanut Butter S’mores Cupcakes?

Layers. Beautiful aren’t they?!

  • Crust: a graham cracker crust to give it a nice grahamy flavor and some texture.
  • Cupcake: The cupcake is flavored with graham crackers and peanut butter. I wanted a nice balance here so none of the flavors are super strong in the cupcake.
  • Filling: I used real Hershey’s chocolate to get that authentic s’mores flavor.
  • Topping: there just aren’t many things better in life than toasted homemade fluff lol it’s easy to make and holds up so much better than store bough fluff.

OMG & I ALMOST FORGOT!!! I also lit my countertop oven on fire with these cupcakes -__- LOL So I toasted the meringue in there for a few minutes & it was perf but then I ran out of meringue for the last two cupcakes (don’t worry, recipe is adjusted) so I topped the last few with large marshmallows & tried to toast those guys. Well… the marshmallows may have grown a wee bit too tall & touched the top of the oven & lit on fire. All is ok, toaster oven is fine & the cupcakes were still edible LOL.

How to store cupcakes

Mmmm, meringue is iffy. Generally I like to keep cupcakes with buttercream at room temperature for 2-3 days but because this has a meringue topping, you’ll need to keep it chilled. Place the cupcakes in an airtight container and refrigerate them for up to a week.

You can also freeze them but the meringue can break once they defrost again so I don’t recommend it. Alternatively you can freeze the cupcakes and just make a fresh meringue when defrosting and serving. If you’re just freezing the cupcakes, wrap them in plastic wrap individually and place them in a ziplock bag, squeezing out all the excess air.

Ok now go make these incredible peanut butter s’mores cupcakes & DON’T LIGHT YOUR OVEN ON FIRE!! Use a blow torch if you have one… & then buy me one too, lol. If you make them, make sure to tag me @baranbakery on instagram, I want to seeeee tooooo! As always,

Love, B

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