Old Town Bern, Switzerland

Okay folks, Bern is such a BEAUTIFUL OLD CITY!

It’s so quiet and cute, like someone took it out of a fairytale book or something. We spent most of the day here just exploring the city.

So in the picture above is, what they call, Zytglogge. You can’t really see the figurines but they dance when the clock strikes the hour. We thought it was going to be sooo cool and there was like this huge tourist group that gathered to see it too and then it was like a quick two second thing…we all kind of just waited thinking it was going to keep going, lol. If you miss it, you’re not really missing anything.

Down this street is shopping.shopping.shopping! I bought a coat because it was FREEZING and we got chocolate, of course! There’s a bunch of museums but, of course, we happened to be there on a Monday, when everything is closed, lol. We did stop by the Einsteinhaus, a museum that was rented by Albert Einstein in the 1900s, which was interesting? lol

There was a festival going on with all the farm animals and a farmers market. You could go into the animal pens and pet them, and there was a cow parade, and the farmers market had all sorts of cheese and ciders you could taste or buy! If you look here you can see what is going on the month you visit. We happened to be there for Alpabfahrt or Désalpe, which goes on in September/October.There’s also a bear pit in the middle of the city, trails through the parks and a rose garden. We basically got like one of each chocolate! BTW I’m still on Whole30 while writing this and I JUST WANT SOME CHOCOLATE NOW! The pigs were so scared, one squealed. It was sooo cute! They seemed to like Narcis better…and he doesn’t even like animals. *eye-roll emoji*The cow parade happened in the afternoon while we were sitting here eating at yet another cafe (which btw had the best cappuccino in Switzerland and I don’t know the name and can’t find it online…so it was pointless telling you, lol.) Bear pit          I really love how peaceful the city of Bern is, with it’s medival architecture and simple lifestyle. We didn’t spend much time here so I don’t have too much to say, lol. Anyway, thanks for sticking around and make sure to check out my other posts on Switzerland here. If you have any questions, shoot them my way! As always,

Love, B

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