Mother’s Day Brunch

The ultimate way to make mom feel appreciated?! I put together this gorgeous brunch spread as a Mother’s Day inspiration.

Ohhhh Mother’s Day.

I don’t know about you guys but I find Mother’s Day so stressful! Like what in the world can one possibly do to make mom feel appreciated?! You know what I mean? Like you can’t put a price tag on it but what you can do, is spend some time with her & do something nice, like a brunch… Which I also won’t be doing because both my mom & I work that Sunday… *awkward silence*.

LOL, but we’ll definitely spend a day together one of these days (if you see my stories on instagram, you know that’s like every other day lollll).

Anyyyywaaaayyyyyy, I put together this gorgeous brunch spread as a Mother’s Day inspiration. Just imagine if you were a momma bear & you woke up Sunday morning to this put together by your child. Wouldn’t you feel happy and appreciated?! I think so.

How to set up a Mother’s Day Brunch?

The biggest thing with hosting any event/party/dinner is to just be prepared.

  1. Have a menu done at least a week early. This gives you enough time to shop for groceries earlier in the week & test any recipes you want to make. Generally when I host anything, I don’t like to develop new recipes because who has time to fail?! No one. Use tried and true recipes so they come out perfect the first time.
    1. So obviously menus are unique to everyone. Think about what mom likes, not what YOU like! What’s your mom’s favorite breakfast? Does she prefer sweets, savory or both? Hot coffee or iced coffee? What kind of drinks does she like? Get her favorite flowers, fresh fruits, etc.
  2. Get as much done as you can the days before. Make sure to have a written out recipe for everything you make (or a place that you know will have it available that morning or the night before.).
    1. See if there are things you can make ahead of time, i.e. the cinnamon rolls and muffins in my photos. You can even pick up fresh flowers, fruit (anything else you need) the night before, they’ll still be great and it gives you one less thing to do that morning.
  3. Wake up early, follow your plan, don’t stress & enjoy your brunch.

Good Brunch Recipes:

I hope you all enjoyed this post & feel inspired to do something nice for mom this year. If you do, I’d love for you to share it with me! Make sure to tag me @baranbakery on instagram or send me a photo <3 Have a wonderful week lovelies & Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there! As always,

Love, B

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