Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Since having my own home I’ve been OBSESSED with Christmas!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to stores and seeing all the beautiful holiday decor and I love wasting time on Pinterest seeing how everyone else decorated their homes. It’s just so cozy and comforting and you know you love it too, that’s why you’re here!

I decorated pretty similarly to last year because, well, I had all these things already and I bought more after the holidays last year, including my NEW TREE! It isn’t the grandest tree in the world, but it is almost twice the size of our old tree and it is frosted and glittery, so yeah…fabulous.

Maybe someday we’ll try a real tree, but for now, I’ll stick with my glitter. I told ya’ll that crate stays there all year long! For the holidays I filled it with a green pre-lit garland, my hello sign, some pinecones, and a frosted flower stem. Luckily I have an outlet right behind it so you don’t have to see a hideous cord when I light it up. I attempted to make one of these pom pom wreaths below and let’s just saaayyy it didn’t really turn out quite like I hoped. It took forever and the yarn I used left too many poofs and made a mess everywhere, so I just bought one and added a cute bow to make it more festive. Inspiration – Anthropologie My tree is actually from Meijer and my dad bargained with the cashier to get it 75% off. He told me to do it and I’m like “uhhhh I’ll just pay full price” lol. I’m the worst bargainer, so thank God for dads! I don’t remember exactly how much I paid, but I believe it was around $75, so if you want a nice tree for cheap, get one after Christmas for next year. Although you do run the risk of not finding anymore, mine was the display one because there were no more left. I tried to link to all of my decor down below for you guys but honestly, everything I find at stores like Homegoods I can’t find online soooo check out your local Homegoods! This basket I also filled with a pre-lit green garland (there’s also an outlet right behind this basket), along with some birch wood and pinecones. I like to toss my gift wrapping ribbons in there because I’m pretty lazy and I think it’s kinda cute lol. This GORGEOUS navy chair is from Tjmaxx and it doesn’t have a brand on it (this is why I don’t take off tags Evelyn!) so I can’t find the same one anywhere! I also want this one (heart-eye emoji), maybe for a future nursery?! Those dangly frosted pine cones (not sure what they are exactly) are from Joann’s and I hung them on two of my doorknobs because I didn’t know where else to put them. FYI anything frosted/glittered makes a bit of a mess when you touch them. The white tree on the vanity is from Homegoods and the brown one is from Joann’s. The candle is from Bath & Body Works and the BEST SOAP EVER is from Tjmaxx. This soap smells SOOO good and those bells jingle when you shake them. I told ya’ll I don’t like a lot of kitchen decor because it gets in my way when I bake so I just kept it the same for Christmas but added some snow and pinecones. Basket, see how to stain here

Christmas Blanket – PAD Concept, Homegoods

Brown Mini Frosted Tree – Joann Fabrics

Cotton Picks

Cheeseboard Ceramic basket – homegoods

Fur Pillow

Fur Runner – Tahari, Homegoods

Fur stool 

JOY Pillow

Knit Pillow Cover

Navy Wingback Chair – Tjmaxx


Red Striped Pillows –  Material – Joann Fabrics, made by my girlfriend


Pom-Pom Lit Garland – Homegoods

Santa – Homegoods

Santa’s Clothes Garland – Homegoods

Silver and Gold

Tree Garland

Sparkly Reindeer – Joann Fabrics,

Snow flakes

Soap – Tjmaxx

Stockings – Joann Fabrics

Tree – Meijer

Small + Medium Tree Ornaments

Large Tree Ornaments

Tree skirt – cotton sheet with bunches of cotton on top of it. My husband wanted it to look like snow so he bought a ton of cotton and did this our first Christmas. 🙂


White Sparkly Tree – Homegoods

Wreath – Joann Fabrics

That’s all I have for now because my brother took his dining room table home this week so I don’t have a table to decorate in my dining room. Anyway, I’d love to see what you guys did with your homes this holiday season and I’ll make sure to update you if I get a dining table in time before Christmas! As always, comment down below if you have any questions or suggestions. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

Love, B

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