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Helllloooooo everybody <333333

Soooo it’s only been like uhhh half a year since I did a travel post… I know… I suck. But I’m here today to share some of the most popular photo opps in LA !

There’s so much to do in LA, from hiking, beaches, all the cute little cafes, rooftops, museums, sightseeing, etc. &&&&& I’ve decided to break it up into a few posts.

1st being these some of the popular sights you see in everyones LA posts, obvvvv not all of them but some of my favs that we chose to do. & 2nd being food…obviously. We actually didn’t eat at too many restaurants because I was overly obsessed with all the cafes & ate something small at all of those. 

Without further ado, we’ll start with the most basiccccc.

The Angel Wings

Melrose Ave. between North Ogden Drive & North Genesee Avenue.

You should definitely just walk down Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, these were my favorite ‘instagrammable’ spots & my favorite cafes. There are like a million angel wings in LA, I think this one’s the prettiest because it’s pink, duhhh, but this chicaaa right here has them all listed out with their locations! ‘Don’t you shush me’ is right next to the angel wings above. Literally like a foot away 🙂 This Pink Wall is MY FAV.

It’s just a couple blocks over from the angel wings, still on Melrose. It’s on the side of the Paul Smith Store & there’s a security guard cuz apparently you’re only allowed to take photos with a phone & not a camera. 

8221 Melrose Avenue, West HollywoodMade in LA

is located on the Cisco Home building, still on

Melrose Ave. 8025 Melrose Avenue, Los AngelesRodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is beautiful, it’s got all your luxury shops & beautiful palm trees. We walked from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills, it’s just a couple miles or so & you’ll prob get there quicker on foot than in that ever so popular LA traffic. He looks really happy & I’m just getting knots out my hair… the usual… except now I cut my hair off so yeah.  Santa Monica & Venice Beach 

 Santa Monica is soooo beautiful, we rented bikes & biked throughout the city. We started by the pier & biked to Alfred Coffee on San Vincente Blvd. Highly recommend biking through residential areas, its so quiet & peaceful & beautiful ! & then make sure to bike down to venice beach as well. 

Also this so basiccc ‘Venice’ sign is on Pacific Ave. & S. Venice Blvd. Santa Monica Pier – beach day turned into sweater weather…Palm Trees & Hollywood Sign

Last but not least! You know you’ve seen a photo somewhere once where there are gorgeous palm trees lined up perfectly & right in the center up top you can see the Hollywood sign. Yeah, according to the world, this is the spot…except you can’t really see the Hollywood sign here in pictures. It’s beautiful, & this neighborhood itself is worth coming to look at but I’m pretty darn sure somewhere out there, there must be a better visual of beautifully lined palm trees with that darn Hollywood sign. If you want to see what I mean, there is no way this location will get you as clear a picture as this.  If you go closer to see the sign more, it gets completely blocked by the trees. But if you’re interested, this is 

South Windsor Blvd between 4th & 5th Honestly I didn’t take any pictures on Hollywood Blvd. I wasn’t very fascinated. It’s just very touristy & not cute, lol. If I had to cut something out of my itinerary, it would definitely be that. There is however, one thing missing. I REALLY wanted to go to the museum of ice cream & they’re apparently relocating or something so they’re not selling anymore tickets. I was suuuuuuuperrrr disappointed & if you get the chance to go make sure you go for my sake & yours! Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this little break from all my baking <3

I know it took me a couple weeks to get these posts up it’s just so hard to get back into the groove after a trip, especially when you have nine million photos to look through. If you’ve been to LA, I’d love to know your favorite thing to there, let me know down below !

Again, thanks for reading love bugs, have blessed day. 

Love, B 

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