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Hellllooooooo friends. 

I know you see me trying to be more regular with my posts. 

I’m gonna get on a schedule…as soon as I go to day shift.

It’ll be great. You’ll see.

Anyways, I bring to you my cafe adventures from LA. I basically dragged Narcis from cafe to bakery to ice cream shop the entire week & never really fed him real food… oops. 

On the bright side, I’m here to tell you that all the coffee in LA basically tastes the same & that I still prefer my Breville latte from home <3. #notsponsored #butbrevilleifyourereading 😉

Sorry, I know you all can’t come over for a cup of coffee *sad face emoji* so I’ll still recommend some of my favorite places. 

First stop, The Butcher’s Daughter! This place is absolutely beautiful, it’s located in Venice & you absolutely have to go there (there’s one in NYC too)! We went in the afternoon so the dinner menu wasn’t out yet *crying emoji* but it was still wonderful. I got the lavender mocha latte (or cappuccino?) & it was the best coffee we had all week. I don’t see it on their online menu but it’s definitely there. Anyone else think I should recreate this at home?! I thinkkkkk sooooooo. I also got the ‘yellow’ cold-pressed juice (pineapples, jicama & lemon), amaaazziinnggg & so was the spicy kale caesar salad with a sunny-side up egg. *drooling emoji* Just look at this plaaaaaceeeee #goals #hearteyeemojiAlfred Coffee. Sooooo it’s good coffee? lol I don’t have much to say I guess besides that the shops all look really stinkin’ cute. There’s a few around town so check it out if you’re in need of a pick-me-up. Ohhh & they do have this $10 vanilla latte… I didn’t try it lol because I didn’t know what it was but yeahhh that’s there. Egg Slut.

So, funny story. We flew into LA on Memorial Day & didn’t realize everything would be closed. I really wanted to check out Barista Society so we walked all the way there & yeah, you guessed it. It was closed. So we searched for somewhere else to eat & there’s this place called Grand Central Market. I believe they have these in some of the major big cities but anyway, it’s basically a bunch of different shops in one big outdoor market thing. Reminded me a lot of Barcelona’s La Boqueria except they were all restaurants instead of vendors selling produce.

We ended up eating Egg Slut because this was on my list of places to eat at throughout the week anyway. I was a little disappointed but that’s because I’m picky so my sandwich was kind of plain… personal problem, I know. Narcis loved it & so did all the million people standing in line. You know it’s good when there’s no line for any other place but theirs is wrapping around all the stands. It’s kind of like when they finally opened a Chick-Fil-A at Somerset mall in Troy, MI. Ostrich Farm.

LOVEEEE! Definitely the second place I’d recommend after The Butcher’s Daughter. We went for breakfast & I love how unique some of the foods are in LA, it was amazing. I got the scrambled egg sandwich with prosciuto, arugula & pecorino on a brioche bun & Narcis got the Chef’s breakfast (mine was better, highly recommend). Coffee was coffee 🙂 delicious as usual but not out of the ordinary. Totally not gonna lie about Mr. Holmes Bakehouse right now. I was a little disappointed & I hate saying that but the only one we really liked out of these four was the caramel doughnut… which I made at home before (recipe is here). I guess I just had really high expectations because their presentation is ONNN POINNTTTT but it was alright. Lol, definitely not worth my calories, if you know what I mean. Salt & Straw on the other hand was definitely worth my calories! I didn’t even plan on going here because it’s originally from Portland so I figured I’d go to something specific to LA. BUTTTT we ended up going here because we walked all the way to Mr. Holmes before ‘closing time’ & they closed early because they ran out of baked goods…*angry face emoji*. I guess it was a good thing they closed early? I got the bourbon coffee ice cream (I ALWAYS get coffee ice cream) & it was probably the BEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER HAD (Narcis says I say this about everything, but it reeeaaalllly waaaassss)!Alfred’s Tea Room. This was amazing. Of course I got the #basic pink drink & it was deliciousssss! You should totally check it out & I should totally recreate this.  Me & my pink drink <3 OK this is soooo basicccc but it was my first time having Sprinkles cupcakes & IT WAS AMAZINGGGG… dare I say… the best cupcake I’ve ever had?! I honestly had pretty low expectations for this (probably why I thought it was sooo good) because I’m not much of a cupcake person & because I thought it was overhyped but I was wrong. It’s absolutely delicious & I need the recipe ASAP. Carrera Cafe.

I actually loved this place. If I would have to recommend just a coffee shop (not food cuz I didn’t eat here) I would recommend Carrera…& not just because they printed Ryan Gosling’s face on my coffee. Yes they do that now, it’s 2018 & were printing our faces on coffee, get with the program. I got an iced chai tea latte with foam on top & Idk if it’s just me but I didn’t know iced chai tea lattes exist. I may just be late to the chai tea party though. Anyways, totally totally totally check this place out because it’s GORGEOUS, delicious & if you upload your picture on the ripple app, they can print anything. Bottega Louie.

Again, I hate saying this but I was a little disappointed here as well. The pizza was delicious & agaiinnnnn, it was beautiful, but the macarons… I ain’t gone lie… they’re 100% not worth the money or the calories & I got almost every flavor. This box below, I didn’t reeeally like any of them except the coffee one on the end. I feel bad saying this but they’re expensive & if I’m going to pay so much for all these I have pretty high expectations. I will say, I did like the chocolate/coffee/caramel ones, I just feel like the fruity ones tasted very artificial. Metropole Bar & Kitchen.

This was the restaurant inside our hotel, Hotel Indigo, & we ate here more than once because we loved it. I don’t like big meals so I love getting things like sides & appetizers. We tried different things, which were all good, but the GARLIC TRUFFLE FRIES WERE LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST FRIES I’VE EVER HAD. I know I said it again, but this time I said ‘one of the best’ not ‘the best’ lol (& that’s because Hopcat’s crack fries…omg). Also, this place is very cute as well <333 loved our Hotel too, in case you were wondering. Saving the best for last, of course. In-n-out. As you all know, we don’t have this on the east coast so we make a big deal about it & obvvvvvv have to document it when we have it. I thought it was absolutely delicious, HOWEVER, I can admit that it’s a little over-hyped. But I definitely recommend it for people who’ve never had it! I’m sure there are sooooo many great places to eat in LA but as you know I love to bake so I decided to spend my time in ‘not real food’ places, according to my husband. no raaagreeeeeeets. I hope you guys find this post useful…or at least entertaining lol. Would love to hear some feedback from ya’ll, but until next time,

Love, B 

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