It’s Getting Cozy in Here: Fall Decor

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite season is fall, however, it seems that every year I end up decorating so late, for one reason or another, and then I only get two months of fall instead of three! This year we were out of town the first week of September and then we were in Europe (which I still have to post about) for the last two weeks, so I didn’t get to decorate until this week. I didn’t overdo it (mostly because the stores are about empty of fall stuff already) but I do love the way it turned out! All the posts I’ve seen in the last couple years have been more neutral themed fall decor, with the greens, grays, and whites and I do love how they look, however, I love the coziness of a more traditional fall theme. I’ve also had some of these items for years and it would be a shame to buy new things and not use what I have. Maybe someday I’ll DIY some of these items to more neutral colors. This basket stays year-round because I absolutely love it, and it just gets refilled with the seasons. If I had a huge foyer I would love to have a console table and be able to decorate that but for now, this cute little stool in the corner will do! I bought two of these leaf garlands at Joann Fabrics about three years ago and I love them because they’re actually velvet and they feel natural to me than the ones I’ve been finding lately. I’ve been looking to buy a couple more but I’m not finding anything I like. In fact, I was looking for a set of mini white/off white pumpkins and I could not find them anywhere so I bought of a ton of these orange and red pumpkins from Joann yesterday for like $2 a piece! The hello sign I got from Hobby Lobby about two years ago and I stained it myself (see how to stain here). Right next to my foyer is my dining room, which happens to be my favorite space to decorate! I absolutely LOVE tablescapes! However, I try not to overdo it because it is a pain to use a dining room table with all these things on it. I’ll have a Thanksgiving post so you’ll be able to see the dining table with food on it as well. The ‘blessed’ is from Homegoods, my lovely Evelyn bought that for me. The napkins and table runner are also from Homegoods and the big white pumpkin is from Tjmaxx. The little pumpkins and the acorns are all from Joann Fabrics, along with that tan pumpkin on the right. The candles and their holders are from Kohl’s last year and my dinnerware is all from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Same napkins here; similar, better price here | Dinnerware here.Moving on to the living space! When we moved in, I had begged my husband to put the TV anywhere except on the mantle. Clearly, he disagreed. I have this huge wooden clock that I wanted up there along with an obnoxious amount of seasonal decor! So that didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped but I think it still looks pretty good even with the TV. This is about as much decor as I could fit up there and even like this my husband gets frustrated with those leaves lol. The ‘thankful’ sign my sister bought me from target last year and those candles are from Joann’s about four years ago. I used them for my engagement party, my wedding, and now my house! Basically everything in this picture is from Joann’s, the box I stained my self last year, the birch wood, the pumpkins, and the acorns are from there. The plaid cloth is actually one of my napkins from the dining table. Everything here is also from Joann’s… they should sponsor this post lol. The bird cage is about three years old (might actually be from Michael’s, I don’t remember but here is a similar one) and I just refill it with the seasons. This bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house, I absolutely love the navy walls, which I was very skeptical of. I actually let my husband pick the color because he complained that everything in the house would be white if it were up to me (I’ll do a post about my house, with wall colors and all that soon). Candle and soap from Bath & Body Works Vase and leaves from ‘At Home’ Last but not least, I have an extremely hard time decorating my kitchen because I feel like it’s already cluttered all the time. So all I did was swap out my candle and put some cotton in a vase. The tray I keep on my counter is actually a cheese board that I got from Homegoods. The vase, candle, and fruit bowl is also from Homegoods.  My fruit bowl is empty… that candle is perfect btw, it’s not too strong like most fall scented candles.
I apologize for the long post but thanks for sticking around to the end. Hope to see you back and as always if you have any comments, questions, suggestions comment down below!

Love, B

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