Baby Shower Brunch

OMG so excited to share this with you all! So if you know me, I actually LOVE to plan parties & I was so stoked to plan my own baby shower. So lame, I know, but like whatevs, I had fun & I had a lot of help! I decided to do a brunch instead of lunch or dinner because brunch food, obbvvvvv, lol & I didn’t want to have to clean up late at night. Also if you don’t already know, the theme is gender neutral because we decided not to find out the gender. & personally, I think you all should be pretty proud of me for not making EVERYTHING white, lol *cough-carmen-cough*.

I chose to do it at home because I just love the feel of home gatherings rather than restaurants. It feels more personal, you can set up the day before & people can stay as long as they want! It was actually supposed to be outside, I even rented a tent & everything but up until the night before it was like 60-70% chance of rain & like 60 degrees. In case you were wondering, I’M STILL SALTY IT DIDN’T END UP RAINING THAT DAY! Like could you just imagine these photos taken outside in a tent?! I had planned to set up a lounge area on my deck with an antique love seat & two wingback chairs, a big backdrop for taking photos, etc. It was going to be fabulous…

Anyway, it was a still a good time & I’m so grateful to everyone who came & showered baby Baran & I with love! I hope you all enjoy some of these photos & get some inspiration for your baby shower or home (non-outdoor) parties. I listed some of the resources & the menu down below, if anyone is interested. As always,

Love, B

  • Bagels & smear: Tim Hortons
  • French Toast: mom
  • Mini Croissants: Costco
  • Chicken Salad: aunt
  • Assorted fruits & vegetables
  • Charcuterie board
  • Omelette (not pictured): mom
  • Cakes:
  • Cinnamon Rolls (without lemon & berries)
  • Muffins: boxed muffins
    • blueberry
    • lemon poppyseed
    • cinnamon streusel
    • chocolate chip


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