Salam de  Biscuiti

Once salami de biscuiti, now your choice of either a chocolate animal cracker truffle or a chocolate animal cracker cake topped with dark chocolate ganache!

salted butter cocoa powder granulated sugar whole milk vanilla extract animal crackers

Ingredients Cake Version


dark chocolate heavy cream


STEP 1: Melt butter on stove & add cocoa powder & granulated sugar & whisk until combined. Add milk & whisk frequently.

STEP 2: When mixture thickens, remove from heat & add vanilla or other flavorings. Fold in crackers & spread in an 8x8” pan. Refrigerate for 1 hr.

STEP 3: Place chocolate chips in a bowl & set aside. Heat cream on stove & pour over chocolate & cover with a lid for 3 min. Slowly stir until combined.

STEP 4: Spread on top of the cooled 'cake' & top with more animal cracker crumbs. Refrigerate for 3 hours, until it feels firm enough to slice.

milk water sugar unsalted butter cocoa powder vanilla extract espresso powder animal crackers

Ingredients TRUFFLE Version


semisweet chocolate chips coconut oil


STEP 1: Bring milk, water & sugar to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low & let simmer for 8 min. Meanwhile, crush animal crackers into small chunks.

STEP 2: Add butter, cocoa, salt, vanilla & coffee to the boiling mixture, whisking intermittently for 5 min.

STEP 3: Remove from heat & stir in animal crackers. Allow it to cool completely then scoop out 1” rounds & form into balls. Freeze rounds for 30 min.

STEP 4: Melt chocolate & coconut oil & dip balls into chocolate. Top with extra animal cracker crumbs & refrigerate for 30 min before serving.

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