double layer

6 inch cake

French Opera Cake makes 6 layers of almond sponge cake, 3 layers of coffee buttercream, 3 layers of chocolate ganache & chocolate glaze!


AP Flour Almond Flour Salt Sugar Butter Eggs Egg Whites Vanilla Extract Coffee Dark Chocolate Espresso Powder Oil

Whisk together the whole eggs, almond flour and 2/3 of the granulated sugar, until they're smooth.

Separately whip the egg whites with the rest of the sugar. Then fold the two mixtures together.

Sift half of the flour over the batter and gently fold it in, until it's combined. Repeat with the rest of the flour.

Drizzle the butter along the edge of the bowl and gently fold it into the batter, until it's fully combined.

Distribute the batter into 6 layers (3.5oz in each) and bake about 7 minutes, until golden brown.

Make French buttercream recipe. Dissolve espresso powder into water and add it to the buttercream.

Brew coffee and dissolve sugar in it while it's still hot. Drizzle cooled coffee onto the cake layers.

Melt chocolate and cream together to make chocolate ganache. Once it's cooled, alternate frosting the layers with the coffee buttercream.

Melt chocolate with oil & drizzle over chilled cake. Let it set & serve at room temp or slightly chilled. Get the full recipe at