Cookie Monster  COOKIES

Cookie monster cookies are the best thick chocolate chip cookie with mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and stuffed with your favorite cookies!


salted butter granulated sugar eggs vanilla extract blue gel food coloring purple gel food coloring AP flour oreo crumbs baking powder semi-sweet chocolate chips white chocolate chips cookies sea salt flakes

STEP 1: Melt the butter & add sugar. Whisk together, then add eggs & whisk. Add vanilla & food coloring & whisk until completely smooth.

STEP 2: Add flour, Oreo crumbs & baking powder & fold the cookie dough. Fold in the chocolate chips, until they're evenly dispersed.

STEP 3: Split cookie dough into 8 pieces. Flatten into a disc, place your favorite cookie in center & use the edges of the dough to wrap it up like a present.

STEP 4: Bake one sheet on the middle rack for 10-11 minutes on 375F convection or 12-13 minutes on 350F conventional.

STEP 5: Remove from oven, give the pan a tap on the counter & allow them to rest for 10 min. Sprinkle with sea salt flakes & enjoy warm!

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