Christmas MACARONS

Christmas Macarons are made with Vanilla macaron shells, filled and decorated with vanilla buttercream to make the most festive dessert you will eat this season!

almond flour powdered sugar egg whites granulated sugar vanilla bean paste



unsalted butter powdered sugar heavy cream vanilla extract


leftover buttercream green gel food coloring teal gel food coloring black gel food coloring



powdered sugar meringue powder Water sprinkles

STEP 1: Make the macaron shells using my Vanilla Macaron Recipe.

STEP 2: For the buttercream, beat butter until pale & fluffy. Add powdered sugar & beat until combined. Add vanilla, pour in 2 Tbsp of heavy cream & mix untill combined.

STEP 3: Pipe buttercream on one cookie and place another cookie on top. For  royal icing, combine all ingredients & mix until it's smooth and fluffy.

STEP 4: To decorate, color leftover buttercream with green, teal & black to make the green for the trees and wreaths.

STEP 5: For the wreath, lightly pipe a circle with a star tip & lift as you pipe so you don’t get a thick poof.

STEP 6: For the trees, pipe the bottom of the tree first. Do three lines going upward, then two and then one. Make sure to decorate with sprinkles before the buttercream dries.

STEP 7: For the Christmas trees, start at the bottom &pipe back & forth with royal icing in an upward motion going more narrow at the top.

STEP 8: For the snowflakes pipe three crossed lines with dots at the end & connect them.

STEP 9: For candy canes, pipe every other line, dip into red sprinkles, pipe lines between red sprinkles, then dip into sparkly sprinkles. This dries quick so top with sprinkles before it dries.

Click the link below for the full recipe!