How To make

two ways

Cakesicles, your favorite cake, compacted into a popsicle shape and dipped into melted chocolate coating. A million different flavor combinations and decorating options.


AP flour baking powder salt vegetable oil sugar egg sour cream vanilla extract milk heavy cream



Merckens Candy Melts coconut oil

STEP 1: Whisk together flour, baking powder, salt & set aside. Beat oil & granulated sugar. Add the egg & beat. Add the sour cream & vanilla & beat.

STEP 2: Add half the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, mix on low & pour in the milk, then mix in the rest of the dry ingredients.

STEP 3: Bake on 350F convection or 325F conventional for 35 minutes. Flip the cake onto a tea towel and allow to cool. Crumble the cake & add heavy cream, a little at a time & mix.

STEP 4 TRADITIONAL METHOD: Microwave the candy melts & coconut oil & spread it in the cakesicle molds. Quickly insert & remove the popsicle & freeze the molds.

STEP 5 TRADITIONAL METHOD: Pack in the cake filling, insert the popsicle sticks halfway & spread white chocolate on top. Refrigerate until firm before decorating.

STEP 4 DIPPING METHOD: Pack the cake filling into the popsicle molds, insert popsicle sticks & freeze.

STEP 5 DIPPING METHOD: Microwave the candy melts & coconut oil & dip each cakesicle into the chocolate. Let the excess run off & set it down on its back.

STEP 6: Decorate with leftover melted chocolate, buttercream, sprinkles, glitter, cotton candy, gold foil, etc.

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