layer cake

A step-by-step tutorial on how  to decorate a layer cake into a galaxy, using just buttercream and food coloring!


1 three layer 6-inch cake Butter Powdered Sugar Heavy Cream (or milk) Vanilla Extract Black Cocoa Powder Black Food Coloring Pink Food Coloring Blue Food Coloring White Food Coloring

After the cake is fully crumb coated and chilled, make your frosting and separate it into 3 equal parts. 1/3 stays white, 1/3 color black and the last 1/3 split to make pink and blue.

The white 1/3 is reserved as extra. Evaluate as you go and see which color you want more of or in case you color the pink and blue too dark.

Alternate dabs of each color, use a cake scraper to spread it out and repeat until you like it. Try not to over mix so the colors don't all blend together.

Use white gel food coloring and a tiny paint brush to splatter on the stars of the galaxy!

Top with candles (or  whatever else you want)! Get the full recipe at