The ultimate chocolate brownie cake made with fudgy brownies frosted with whipped chocolate and vanilla cream cheese frosting and more brownie chunks in between.



unsalted butter granulated sugar light brown sugar eggs vanilla extract unsweetened cocoa powder fine sea salt AP flour


unsalted butter cream cheese powdered sugar salt heavy cream vanilla bean paste unsweetened cocoa powder

STEP 1: Beat butter, sugars, eggs & vanilla until pale & fluffy. Add cocoa powder & salt & beat until smooth. Add flour & beat until incorporated.

STEP 2: Spread batter into prepared pan & bake at 325F for 25 min. After baking, allow to cool, & refrigerate before cutting out circles.

STEP 3: For the frosting, beat butter until the color turns pale yellow. Add cream cheese and beat just until they're combined.

STEP 4: Add powdered sugar and salt and mix just until it's combined. Turn the mixer to medium-high speed and beat until sugar is fully dissolved.

STEP 5: Pour in 3 Tbsp of heavy cream & vanilla & beat for 1-2 min. Add cocoa powder & remaining heavy cream to 1/3 of frosting & mix.

STEP 6: To assemble, use a round 6 inch cutter to cut out 4 layers. Remove the layers of cake and chop up the scrap pieces into smaller chunks.

STEP 7: Place 1st layer of brownie cake on a flat surface. Top with chocolate frosting & brownie chunks. Spread vanilla frosting on top of chunks.

STEP 8: Place 2nd layer on top & repeat with the rest of the layers. Refrigerate & then frost the outside of the cake with the vanilla frosting.

STEP 9: Dab chocolate spots to create a marbling effect & use a spoon to create some swirls on top. Top with leftover brownie chunks.

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