Bavarian cream donuts are my super fluffy brioche donuts made extra large, rolled in vanilla sugar and filled with a super light vanilla Bavarian cream filling.



AP flour instant yeast granulated sugar salt eggs egg yolks salted butter water granulated sugar cinnamon canola oil



egg yolks granulated sugar salt whole milk salted butter


heavy whipping cream powdered sugar

STEP 1: For the donuts, mix flour, yeast, sugar and salt in stand mixer. Add in eggs and egg yolks, butter and water. Run for 15 minutes.

STEP 2:  Grease the stand mixer bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Proof for 2 hours in a warm spot. Prepare and lightly flour workspace.

STEP 3: Punch the dough down and turn it over onto your work surface. Split the dough in half. Roll each half in a log and cut into 10 even chunks.

STEP 4:  Roll chunks into a tight balls and place on 2 parchment lined baking sheets. Cover with plastic and proof for 30 minutes in a warm spot.

STEP 5: Prepare for frying the donuts. Line 2 cooling racks with paper towels and spread sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Heat oil to 260F and fry on each side.

STEP 6: Place the fried donuts on the prepared racks. While they’re still warm, toss the donuts in the sugar. Serve warm or allow to cool if filling.

STEP 7: For the custard, whisk egg yolks and sugar in saucepan until mixed. Add salt and milk slowly while whisking. Cook for 5 minutes. Cover and cool.

STEP 8: For the whipped cream, combine cream and sugar with the stand mixer at medium speed until it thickens.

STEP 9: Turn speed up to medium-high and whisk until the cream has stiff peaks. Add the custard and mix until combined. Pipe donuts and serve.

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