Super fluffy & tender


I turned my (and your) favorite vanilla 6-inch cake into a three layer 4 inch cake with whipped vanilla frosting.


AP Flour Baking Powder Salt Granulated Sugar Canola Oil Eggs Vanilla Extract Milk Sour Cream Unsalted Butter Powdered Sugar Cream

Combine the oil and sugar until they're well combined. Add in the egg and vanilla and mix until they're all smooth.

Add half of the dry ingredients, followed by the milk and then the other half of the dry ingredients.

Split the batter into three greased 4 inch pans. Each pan should hold about 4 1/2 oz of batter.

Bake for 22-23 minutes. They should release from the edge of the pan & spring back when you press on the center.

Make buttercream by whipping  butter with powdered sugar for 5 minutes, until they're well combined. Add cream & vanilla, mix until combined.

Frost the first layer, repeat with the second and then place the third layer on top. Frost the outside and make some poofs on top. Finish with edible gold foil.

Frost with whipped vanilla buttercream. Get the full recipe at