Pop Tart


Use pop tarts as a cheat to making the easiest "gingerbread" house. No baking necessary, just cut and paste together and decorate immediately!


Pop Tarts Powdered Sugar Meringue Powder Water Toppings:  (candy canes) (marshmallows) (sprinkles) (chocolate, etc.)

Start by cutting out all of your pieces. Each piece is explained in the blog post and they have  to match up in height.

Make the royal icing, you want the consistency to be thick enough to drip/hang but not be runny at all.

Get the proper tip for your piping bag. To glue them together and for my "snow" I used a size 4.

To put together the house,  pipe your icing on the sides  of the "front" and "back"  of the house.

Stick them to the "sides" of  the house and then pipe a border across the whole top  of the house.

Stick your "roofs" to the top of the house and reinforce with more icing all around the house.

Trim your chimney to fit perfectly flush on to the roof of your house. Pipe and stick them on.

Once all the pieces are on, reinforce with more icing all around.

Use leftover scraps to make a door and use chocolates (this is ruby) to make a path.

Pipe some "snow" all around your path and decorate however you'd like!

To make the wreath, smush a mini marshmallow down, pipe a ring of icing on the edge and dip into a pile of sprinkles.

 Get the full recipe at & get to decorating!