Rich gooey hot chocolate brownies topped mini marshmallows toasted to perfection and a dark chocolate drizzle.

unsalted butter milk chocolate morsels granulated sugar light brown sugar eggs AP flour cocoa powder salt baking soda



powdered sugar cocoa powder milk vanilla

chocolate sauce

mini marshmallows


STEP 1: Melt the butter with the milk chocolate & mix until smooth. Set aside to cool. Whisk granulated sugar, brown sugar, & eggs & set aside.

STEP 2: Combine flour, cocoa powder, salt & baking soda. While whisking, slowly pour the butter & chocolate mixture into the eggs & sugar.

STEP 3: Sift the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Fold everything together until just barely combined.

STEP 4: Pour batter into an 8x8” pan & bake at 325F for 40 min. Remove from oven & allow to cool in the pan for 30 minutes. Increase the oven temperature to 450F.

STEP 5: Combine all the ingredients for the chocolate sauce. Drizzle half of the chocolate on top of the brownies & top with mini marshmallows.

STEP 6: Place the brownies with the marshmallows back into the oven for 2-5 min until marshmallows are toasted.

STEP 7: Remove from the oven & allow them to cool for 15 min in the pan. Drizzle with leftover chocolate sauce, slice into 16 squares & serve.

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