This Donut cake is made with apple cider, coated in cinnamon sugar and frosted with the easiest dulce de leche buttercream.

AP flour baking powder cinnamon nutmeg salt unsalted butter vegetable oil granulated sugar light brown sugar eggs sour cream vanilla extract apple cider


Apple cider cake

unsalted butter dulce de leche vanilla bean paste cinnamon salt



granulated sugar cinnamon unsalted butter

STEP 1: Whisk flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg & salt. Set aside. Beat butter, oil & sugars for 2 min.

STEP 2: Add eggs, one at a time & beat. Add sour cream & vanilla extract & beat just until combined.

STEP 3: Add half the flour mixture to wet ingredients, mix on low & pour in apple cider, and leftover dry ingredients.

STEP 4: Distribute batter evenly among 3 6-inch cake pans & bake at 350F for 30-35 min. Let cake cool.

STEP 5: For frosting, beat butter until pale & fluffy, add dulce de leche, vanilla, cinnamon & salt & beat until fully combined.

STEP 6: For the coating, toss granulated sugar with cinnamon. Melt butter & brush onto sides of cake. Then roll it in the cinnamon sugar.

STEP 7: Pipe frosting swirls on top of 1st layer of cake. Repeat with next 2 layers. Top with apple slices & cinnamon sticks.

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