Cookie butter cake is white cake with biscoff cookie chunks, frosted with cookie butter buttercream & biscoff cookie crumbs, and has a cookie butter drizzle between layers.



cake flour baking powder salt unsalted butter granulated sugar vegetable oil egg whites vanilla extract sour cream heavy whipping cream Biscoff cookies


granulated sugar water egg yolks unsalted butter vanilla extract salt cookie butter spread


Biscoff cookies cookie butter spread

STEP 1: For the cake, whisk flour, baking powder and salt. Set Aside. Beat butter and sugar, add oil and beat until pale and fluffy.

STEP 2: Beat in egg whites, 1-2 at a time. Add vanilla and sour cream and beat, then add half the dry ingredients.

STEP 3: Pour in cream and the rest of the dry ingredients. Fold in chopped biscoff cookies.

STEP 4: Spread batter in prepared cake pans, and bake at 325F for 40 min. Allow cake to cool before frosting.

STEP 5: For the buttercream, dissolve sugar in water over heat. Whip egg yolks, then drizzle the hot sugar syrup in. Whip until fluffy.

STEP 6: Add 2 Tbsp of butter at a time, and mix. Add in vanilla, salt and cookie butter, and turn mixer to high speed for 2 min.

STEP 7: To assemble, spread buttercream on the 1st layer and pipe a border. Fill cookie crumbs and drizzle with cookie butter.

STEP 8: Refrigerate for 20 min and repeat with 2nd layer, then place 3rd layer on top. Refrigerate again, frost the outside, then refrigerate again.

STEP 9: Cover part of the top of the cake with parchment paper and dust biscoff cookie crumbs over exposed area.

STEP 10: Pipe poofs of buttercream and dots of cookie butter spread. Refrigerate to let the buttercream set and serve.

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