My new and improved fudgy brownies have a rich, dark chocolate flavor, chewy edges, fudgy center and the perfect crinkly top.

salted butter  chocolate chips granulated sugar light brown sugar cocoa powder eggs vanilla extract AP flour fine sea salt sea salt flakes


STEP 1: For the brownies, microwave butter and chocolate for a minute. Remove and stir until combined.

STEP 2: Whisk aggressively granulated sugar, brown sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla and egg until smooth. Add melted chocolate and butter and whisk.

STEP 3: Mix in flour and salt. Spread into a prepared 8x8” pan and bake for 40 min at 350F. Remove from oven and tap it against the counter.

STEP 4: Allow it to cool in the pan for an hour Top it with a pinch of sea salt flakes and serve warm or cooled.

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