The ultimate summer breakfast treat, homemade cherry pop tarts are a  golden brown pastry with cherry pie filling and cherry glaze!



AP flour granulated sugar salted butter water egg



cherries granulated sugar lemon juice cornstarch almond extract


cherry sauce juice powdered sugar

STEP 1: For the pastry, place flour and sugar in the food processor bowl. Add in the butter and freeze for 5 min.

STEP 2: Remove from the freezer and pulse until pea size chunks form. Stream in water until dough comes together.

STEP 3: Remove the dough from the bowl and press together. Wrap it in plastic and refrigerate.

STEP 4: For the filling, combine all cherry filling ingredients over low heat until it simmers and resembles a sauce. Remove and allow to cool.

STEP 5: To assemble, use half of pie crust and roll into a rectangle. Cut edges to make a square. Slice into rectangles and set aside leftover dough.

STEP 6: Place filling on half of the pastries, leaving room on the sides. Place another pastry on top and crimp edges to seal. Poke holes on top.

STEP 7: Brush with egg wash and freeze. Remove and bake at 350F for 30 min. Remove and allow to cool. Repeat with other half of dough.

STEP 8: Take dough scraps, press together, wrap, and refrigerate. Remove and make more pop tarts. Discard any additional scraps that form.

STEP 9: For the cherry glaze combine ingredients and mix. Spread on pop tarts. Add sprinkles and allow to dry before serving or storing.

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